Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

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One of the most common types of abuse in Delaware nursing homes, assisted living homes and long term care facilities is sexual abuse. It can come in various forms from offensive touching, groping or forced sexual intercourse. Nursing home sexual abuse can be committed by literally anyone in the nursing home from caregivers, doctors, therapists, clergy members, nurses, visitors and other residents. If you suspect a loved one has been the victim of nursing home sexual abuse in Delaware please contact our team of Delaware nursing home sexual abuse lawyers.

Sexual assault or sex abuse consists of unwanted, unsolicited or non-consentual sexual contact with a resident. Common targets of sexul abuse can include those with Alzheimer’s, cognitive disorders, mental illness, dementia and those who cannot communicate their disapproval of the behavior against them or cannot communicate consent for the activity. If your loved one has suffered from sexual abuse in a Delaware nursing facility or nursing home, then you need to speak with our Delaware nursing home injury lawyers.

Signs Of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Signs and indications of nursing home sexual assault can be demonstrated by behavior changes or physical signs & symptoms. Can include:

  • Sustaining a pelvic injury
  • Having problems walking or sitting
  • Developing a sexually transmitted disease or STD
  • Torn, bloody or stained underwear
  • Bruises of the genitals or inner thigh
  • Bleeding from the anus or genitals
  • Irritation or pain of the anus or genitals
  • Panic attacks
  • Signs of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Symptoms of agitation
  • Social or emotional withdrawal from others
  • Engaging in inappropriate, unusual or aggressive sexual activities
  • Suicide attempts
  • Engaging in unusual or inappropriate actions that appear to be from a sex role relationship between the perpetrator of elder sexual abuse and the victim

If you have a loved one or someone you care for who is showing signs of abuse or neglect, you may need legal help. The first step is to set up a free case evaluation with our Delaware nursing home sexual abuse attorneys. We charge no fees if we do not recover for your family.

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